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Oxygen Software :: Oxygen Phone Manager - PC software for Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Siemens, Samsung phones.
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  • Oxygen Phone Manager for Nokia, Vertu and Mobiado phones

    Oxygen Phone Manager II for Nokia, Vertu and Mobiado phones provides the most convenient way to communicate your phone with PC. The software supports more than 200 models and gives an access to the major functions of your phone: Phonebook, Calendar, To-do list, Call Register, Notes, Profiles, Logos, Melodies, SMS and MMS messages, FM stations, Gallery, Flash card, Play lists, Java applications and games, WAP bookmarks and settings, GPRS modem settings, Voice records.    >>>

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    Oxygen Phone Manager for Symbian OS phones

    Oxygen Phone Manager for Symbian OS phones is the unique PC software for interactive management of Symbian OS smartphone information. It works with BenQ, Motorola, Nokia, Panasonic, Sendo, Siemens, Sony Ericsson and Vodafone smartphones. Program provides extended access to Phonebook, Calendar, To-do list, Messages, Gallery, Log Records, Applications and Profiles.    >>>

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